Sundays @ 9 AM

Sundays @ 9 AM

March 17 - May 26 (no class on May 12)

Join us in the office classroom on Sunday mornings for an interactive study the book of Revelation.

Everyone is invited. All study material will be provided in class (you don't need to buy any books). Child care is not provided.

Let us know if you have any questions or need more information.

It's a Bible book that either fascinates or repels the reader‚ sometimes doing both at once. Throughout Christian history, believers have struggled with the book of Revelation, with its symbolism, its dire judgements, its promises of eternal glory and its relationship with world history. The reader of Revelation enjoys the same startling privilege as the writer: an insight into the very inner rooms of heaven itself, to see what is going on there now, and what is soon to take place.

These nine studies tread a path through the minefield of interpretations, avoiding speculation and making sure to stick to what the Bible is in fact saying.