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What Is An Engage Group?

Engage Groups are simple, Spirit-led, small groups that meet regularly to help us experience God, build bridges to bless others, and follow Jesus together. Engage Groups do this by providing us an opportunity to consistently encounter God in His word, actively listen to and obey the leading of the Holy Spirit, align every part of our life to scripture, and to do all this with the support and encouragement of others as we live on mission together.

What Do Engage Groups Do?

Engage Groups encourage practices that help us engage with God in His word, engage with others in relationships, and engage with the world on mission.


Members of an Engage Group regularly read the Bible (ideally 4x/week). The goal of this reading is to discover what the text says (observation), understand what it means (interpretation), and determine what we should do in response to what the text says and means (application).


Our Engage Group conversations focus on what the Holy Spirit is showing us in the text and how it relates to our life and mission as followers of Jesus. We not only share and discuss our questions and insights with each other, we also encourage and challenge one another to align every part of our life to God's Word. To that end we ask each other these important questions when we meet.

  • What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?
  • What are you going to do about it?
  • How can we help?


An important part of our mission as Christians is to announce and show that God's kingdom has come to the world in and through Jesus. One way we do this is by blessing others in the name of Jesus. So, Engage Group members regularly ask each other how they are blessing others in personal and practical ways. We also work together to build bridges to people outside our church so we can develop authentic relationships and respond to the real spiritual, physical, and social needs in our communities with the resources God has given to each of us.


We can do nothing without God's guidance and empowerment. Therefore, we value prayer and regularly pray with and for the members of our Engage Group. At the end of each meeting we pray for the needs that naturally came up during the discussion and commit to praying for one another during the week.

How Do I Get In An Engage Group?

The best way to get in an Engage Group is to join us at Grace on Sunday nights at 6 PM.

If Sunday nights don't work for you, another way to get in an Engage Group is to start your own. Engage Groups are designed to be simple and easily reproducible. We can help you.

Use the form below if you need more information or would like help joining or starting a group.